Friday, June 03, 2005

New transcript of meeting of GG-UD-TM

Here is my attempt at recomposing the conversation, combining the transcripts, new tapes, the two new conservative insertions. If you can think of somewhere they fit better, do please suggest it.

GG - Hello, how are you?
UD Fine, how are you and yourself
UD I didn't know last night.
GG (in Punjabi) No, no, you knew that.
UD (in English) Honestly, I didn't know this was.
GG (in Punjabi) You indicated last night, I though you knew it.
UD (in English) I said there were people coming. I was told that someone was coming but it did not know who it was.
GG (in Punjabi) – It seems there might be some more … [ed.: presumably 'defections']
UD (in Punjabi) – Those from New Foundland [sic] are suspected.
GG (in Punjabi) – It is difficult for them to decide how to vote.
UD (in Punjabi) - Would you have a cup of tea[?]
GG (in Punjabi) – No, thanks, let us hurry up.
UD (in Punjabi) – Sure? Tim will come soon.
GG (in Punjabi) – We have to rush through because of the Question Period
UD (in Punjabi) – Today, Question Period is at 2 PM
GG (in Punjabi) – Don’t you have to prepare for it[?]
UD (in Punjabi) – No, I can just prepare in 5 minutes, in the car.
(insert Conservative correction #1 here?)
"It depends how it is we meet."…
(difficult to hear … "associating" or "who else"…)
"If it is something good then it would be tempting"
"If there is no way then we'll talk about it later or at home"
insert ‘cabinet right away’ section here?
GG: xxxx xxxx xxxxx (2:08) right away. (pause) Right away.
UD: (pause) (2:11) Cabinet right away?
GG: (2:13) hm, hm [Ed.: apparently an affirmative to the previous question]
UD: (pause) (2:15) Cabinet right away?
GG: xxxx (2:18) right away. xxx xxx xxx
(insert Conservative correction #2 here?)
UD (in Punjabi) – Cabinet wrong
GG (in Punjabi) – I want to be someone up there[.] If I go with you guys[,] I want to be with someone up there[.] If I go with you guys, what commission[?] [ed.: I add punctuation]
(next passage in English difficult to hear, sounds like “very understandable”)
UD: What are we going to do with the numbers?

UD (switching to English) - I think[, I think] (Belinda) (back to Punjabi) has made it easier for you, if you want.
GG (in Punjabi) – That’s true


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