Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's all about the material…

The Canadian Blog Awards have been announced and I'm thrilled to report that Buckets of Grewal has won two golds and a silver:There seems to be a pattern here. Think about it:
  • Grewal? Funny.
  • Wells' Schoolyard? Funny.
  • Rick Mercer? Seriously funny.
  • Canada's Prime Ministers… I don't think so.
It's all about the material.

Anyway, I'd like to give my thanks to those who voted for me, to Ryan, Mark, Phillip, Meaghan, and others for their help last summer, and to Gurmant and Nina for providing such great material.


Blogger Zorpheous said...

Congrats Buckets, people like you Andwer seriously deserve the awards you won.

And just for the record, I think Rick Mercer is serious funny,... but I think I'll continue my Rick Mercer isn't Funny series anyways. Maybe one of these days I'll get to be on the Mercer Report and beotch slap me silly, now that would be funny, LOL

9:38 PM  
Blogger buckets said...

I was kinda hoping you'd get me off that bridge!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Zorpheous said...

I'm working on it, with the CBA's and the Elexmas and Happy Harpo-Holidays there is so mcuh to do, and Z-Land actually takes a fair ammount of time to produce. I'm having to add and learn a few new tools. I think I'll have to make Z-Land a once per week production, but if I do that I think I'll increase the frames to seven or eight.

Sigh, so many things to do, and so little time.

Anyways congrats, I have to prepare some sort of responce to the Wingnuterer's taking third, I'm very pleased with the result, after all it has only been around since late August and it is a very decent showing for a blog that boasts about its terrible spelling and grammar, LOL. But as they say, play to strengthes, or in this case, my weaknesses.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Chimera said...

Serious congratulations are in order, Buckets! Well done!

Congratulations also to your friends, Sohn, Raj, and Duldip!

You've got some potentially explosive raw material here -- any plans for a book?

1:20 AM  
Blogger calgarygrit said...

Congrats on the award. Although, I must say, I always thought Louis St.Laurent was a bucket of laughs.

1:36 AM  
Blogger buckets said...

Chimera: "You've got some potentially explosive raw material here -- any plans for a book?"

Well, yes, in fact I do have plans for a book … about something else.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Right Ho said...

Buckets -- Congratulations on your 3 CBA medals. The awards may only be of the virtual variety, but it's a fine honour nevertheless.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Hammering Jow said...

A hearty congratulations. You haven't the faintest idea of the amount of respect I have for your incredible body of work.

Admittedly, I was also Grewal affair addict. However your analysis was revolutionary.

If only it was manditory reading in Fleetwood Port Kells

3:41 PM  

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