Sunday, December 11, 2005

FAQ 6f. What was the role of Harper's office in the editing of the tapes?

We know that the tapes were heavily edited (see here) and the editing was not accidental (see here). We also know where the tapes were edited.

Once it became clear that there were the problems with the tapes, the Conservatives issued a press release (dubbed the 'suicide-note'). Here is the first paragraph:

This 'clarification' raised more questions than it answered. First, there was more than a few seconds that had been cut--the new audio file that is mentioned was 15 minutes longer than the old. (You can download both here to see for yourself; the differences can be seen graphically here.) Second, it is impossible to believe their characterization that the changes were made accidentally (see >here and KMG's response.)

The more important point here, however, is that the Conservatives accept responsibility for what happened to the tapes. We are told that Grewal had given the tapes to the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and that's where the changes had occurred.

Harper himself said as much in an interview on CKNW on June 20th (here), where he admitted that "the incorrect tape was posted on our website."

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