Friday, December 09, 2005

Buckets endorses

Dear readers,

Today is the last day of voting for the Canadian Blogging Awards. Here are my endorsements:
  1. Best Blog: Calgary Grit
  2. Best Progressive Blog: The Amazing Wonderdog
  3. Best Conservative Blog: Bound By Gravity
  4. Best New Blog: Rick Mercer's Blog (I am also a nominee in this category—but, hey!, who can resist Rick Mercer?)
  5. Best Group Blog: Stageleft
  6. Best Humour Blog: The Wingnuterer
  7. Best Photo Blog: no opinion
  8. Best Culture Blog: Bow. James Bow
  9. Best Personal Blog: Daveberta
  10. Best Media Blog: Antonia Zerbisias
  11. Best Business Blog: no opinion
  12. Best Religious Blog: no opinion
  13. Best Sports Blog: no opinion
  14. Best Blog Post: Buckets Of Grewal: An infinite number of monkeys
  15. Best Blog Post Series: Buckets Of Grewal: FAQ for the Grewal Affair
Get out and vote!


Blogger HisHighness said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan! I Thought I was a shoe-in for "Best blog written by a guy with a cat sitting on his lap."

It's all internal politics I tells ya!

10:13 AM  

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