Monday, December 05, 2005

What did Nina know, and when did she know it? (pt. 1)

As I said in the previous post, I have been continuing my work on the FAQ (nominated for a blogging award here--please vote for me if you like my work). As part of the preparation on the entry on Nina, I've been reviewing the role that she's played in the story.

She has claimed that she knew nothing of Gurmant's negotiations or about the tapes. Some might be sceptical of such denials, but in fact it makes reasonable sense in light of the evidence.

The first mention of Nina in the tapes comes in the last of the five calls that he's released from Sadesh Kalia. That call, which took place in the afternoon of May 16th, arranged the pizza date with Dosanjh for later that night. Grewal and Nina were both invited:
Nina-to-go-along-on-pizza-d.gifIn the end, however, only Gurmant attended.

The next morning, Grewal again met Dosanjh and Murphy. Again, Nina came up in the conversation. Grewal is pressing how valuable the Grewals would be to the Liberals (thanks to Raj, Sohn, and Kuldip for help with the Punjabi):
GG Ihde naal, Nina naal ih effect paina hai …. (inaudible) , Saade nal ih effect paina haiki (4'48) ethnic minority de vich…(inaudible) She, Nina, will have the effect that … (inaudible). We will have the effect, that in the (4'48) ethnic minority … (inaudible)
UD That’s right. It is easier for you to use the same kind of language. This is the time to keep the country together, you can’t line up with the Bloc. You go out on a higher principle. In a sense people might say … (NOT CLEAR). That is not such a bad thing for you. Like one of your former leaders. She was a leader in your party and she is a senior leader.
GG She was a leadership candidate, yes.
UD She was one of the leaders in the party
UD (5'33) tusi Nina naal gal kIti hai (5'33) Have you talked to Nina?

haanji, dovein decided ta nahin haan, dwindling jihe haan. Depend karde, ki milda ki hai. Je ta quick changa haiga taa tahra tarhi ho jaye, je zyada hee ho jaaye taa baad vich haali karaange.
Yes. Both of us are not decided, we are kind of dwindling*. It depends on what we get. If we get something good quickly, then it can be done right away. But if it is too much (of waiting) then we’ll do it later.
(*sic. Apparently Grewal means dawdling.) Here, Grewal is aske point blank whether he'd talked to Nina. He says he had.

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