Monday, November 28, 2005

FAQ 7a. When were the recordings released?

The Grewal tapes were released in three stages.
  1. Eight minutes of recordings were released on May 18th, shortly after Grewal's new conference in which he alleged that the Liberals had tried to bribe him. This was part of the meeting that Grewal had had with Tim Murphy earlier that day.
  2. Approximately 75 minutes of recordings were released at mid-day May 31st. Four sound files and four accompanying transcripts were mounted at Grewal's website (see here for a list of files)
  3. Longer versions of the tapes began to be mounted at Grewal's website beginning late on June 2nd (see here and here). The total length of these recordings came to about 116 minutes.

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Blogger Bylo said...

Well it looks like you won't have Gurmant to kick around any more.

Controversial MP Grewal not seeking re-election for Tories 'Grewal added that he did not "want to be a source of distraction during the campaign."'

(Unless, of course, the Liberals will have him.)

7:14 PM  

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