Saturday, November 05, 2005

What Grewal's website used to look like, Pt. 1 (May 31st, 2005)

As I pointed out a couple days ago, Grewal has recently taken down the webpage where he had released his famous recordings and transcripts. Here is screen capture of what it used to look like; I've added the pink numbers in order to give you a key of what files were there.

The files that were downloaded through the eight links were as follows:
  1. *"SK Tel.mp3" (actual size: 7.6 MB, length: 8 min. 26 seconds). This is a sound file containing six phone calls between Sadesh Kalia and Gurmant Grewal. One is from Sunday, May 15th; the rest are from Monday, May 16th.
  2. *"3Telconversations-SudeshKalia-GurmantGrewal.pdf." (actual size: 7.7 MB, length: 4 pages). The first three pages of this file provides a translation (and) transcript (with explanatory notes) of the soundfile #1 (recordings of Grewal's phone calls with Kalia). The fourth page is a partial log from Grewal's Blackberry from mid-day on the 16th to the 18th. (It does not include first three calls in the transcript, nor any calls not made on the Blackberry.)
  3. *"tm-ud meeting.mp3" (actual size: 36.9 mb, length: 40 min. 30 seconds; creation date, May 31st 11:47 am). This is an edited version of Grewal's meeting with Dosanjh and Murphy on May 17th.
  4. *"2Conversation-TimMurphy-UjjalDosanjh-GurmantGrewal.pdf" (created May 31st, 10:42 am; length: 10.5 pages.) This is a transcript of soundfile #3. Dosanjh arrives first and while they are waiting for Murphy much of the conversation is in Punjabi; the transcript translates this Punjabi into English. (This file can be seen NealeNews and the CBC.)
  5. "tel ud tm.mp3" (actual size: 19.8 mb; length 21 min 45 sec). This recording contains phone calls between Grewal and Dosanjh and Grewal and Murphy from May 17th and 18th.
  6. "4Telconversations-TimMurphy-Gurmant-Grewal-UjjalDosanjh-Gurmant Grewal.pdf" (creation date: May 31st, 10:24 am; length: 5 pages)
  7. *"tm meeting.mp3" (actual size: 3.6 mb; length: 3 min. 59 seconds). This file contains part of Grewal's conversation with Tim Murphy from the morning of May 18th.
  8. *"1Conversation-TimMurphy.pdf" (creation date: May 31st, 10:21:56 am; length: 11 pages) This file is a transcript of Grewal's meeting with Tim Murphy form the morning of May 18th; it contains significantly more of that conversation than file #7

*Files marked with asterisks were replaced over the week or so following their first release.


Blogger KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

I didn't know he had to leave them there forever. Or inform people if he did...

Look on the bright side. At least you still have "all" the recordings to put on YOUR blog. I hope. Just in case we all need to hear it again... and again... and again.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Robert McClelland said...

The Conservatives are very fastidious about scrubbing the internet clean of anything that can be used against them in an election campaign. Try googling up info about many of the Conservative MPs and all you'll find are the ghostly echos of such information.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Candace said...

Admit it robert, you're just bugged that the Liberals aren't that smart. Or is it that they have SO many skeletons they've lost track of the closets?

3:00 AM  

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