Wednesday, November 02, 2005

FAQ 3d. What part of the MPs' Conflict of Interest Code might Grewal's visa-bonding practice have breached?

After Grewal had revealed to the Immigration committee that he had made a regular practice of getting constituents to sign commitments to provide bonds before supporting sponsorship applications, Joe Volpe referred the matter to the House of Commons Ethics Commissioner, who was asked to consider Grewal's practice in light of the House of Commons Conflict of Interest Code (which you can read yourself, here). Specifically, he was asked to
determine whether the alleged practice of Mr Gurmant Grewal, Member of Parliament (MP) for Newton-North Delta, of requesting personal bonds from persons seeking his support on immigration matters could be a contravention of the Member’s obligations under the Code. Minister Volpe further emphasized his concern that the use of a bond could lead others to question whether Mr Grewal’s support for the application could be purchased, whether Mr Grewal had the bond guaranteed to him personally and whether the practice could lead others to question whether Mr Grewal was seeking to profit financially from his position as a MP.

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