Sunday, October 30, 2005

Buckets' Greatest Hits

As a few have noticed (see here and here), I have been posting less here since late summer--other matters have been keeping me (very) busy.

I'm enjoying a brief pause from work right now, which has given me a few moments to reflect on the thrills and spills of last June and July. Someone has also pointed out to me that it is now time for nominations for the blogging awards. It strikes me that there are three categories under which I might well be nominated: best new blog; best series of posts; and best post. On the latter two, I'd be interested in how people judge the relative merits of these two series:
  1. 'Edited out', which this post summarized
  2. FAQ for the Grewal Affair
And of these three posts:
  1. An infinite number of monkeys
  2. It was all about Belinda
  3. An introduction to Textual Criticism
Alternatively, does anyone think that there are any other series or posts that are more appropriate?


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