Saturday, October 29, 2005

FAQ 2e. Who is Dr. Gulzar Cheema and how is he involved?

One of the more obscure references in the Grewal tapes is to "Dr. Cheema". It occurred in the second phone call between Grewal and Sadesh Kalia.
The editor of this transcript has added Cheema's given name, Gulzar, to help identify him. Cheema is an Indo-Canadian physician, who has been a Liberal MLA both in Manitoba and in British Columbia, where he was also Minister of State for Immigration and Multicultural Services in Gordon Campbell's Liberal government. In the federal election of 2004, Cheema was a Liberal candidate in the riding of Fleetwood-Port Kells but lost to Grewal's wife Nina. (She had 14052 votes to his 11568.)

For the Wikipedia entry on him, see here.

Why Kalia mentioned Cheema is unclear. The translator/editor of the recording (which was in Punjabi) includes within parentheses explanations to help the reader, and here uses them to suggest that the Prime Minister had promised the consulate to Cheema in Chandigarh, India,. The phone call itself, however, is much less clear on this point and only says that 'he promised to Cheema'.

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