Monday, October 31, 2005

FAQ 3b. Did Grewal set up an the independent bonding system for visitors' visas?

In his private member's bill, C-283 (see here), Grewal proposes that the government create a bonding system for sponsoring overseas visitors. Sponsors of visitors will post bond which is refunded once the sponsored visitors return home.

In addition to proposing this legislation, Grewal set up his own system whereby those who wanted to sponsor such visitors would signal their willingness to make such a commitment. Grewal had potential sponsors agree "to place a bond against our guarantee in the sum of" a certain amount of money (see the form scanned here).

Grewal had revealed this practice during a meeting of the standing committee for Citizenship and Immigration, when he mentioned that "people have come to my office and signed papers for up to $100,000 bond." (here; archived here). These comments created a stir both in the committee in the media, and Minister of Immigration, Joe Volpe, referred the matter to the Ethics commissioner for investigation.

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