Sunday, November 06, 2005

What Grewal's website used to look like, Pt. 2 (June 2nd, 2005)

As I have pointed out,, the webpage in which Grewal made the tapes and transcripts available, has been removed. The site as it looked originally can be seen here, and a list of the files that were originally downloadable there, here.

On June the 2nd, after audio experts had begun to testify that the clips on Grewal's site had been tampered with, the Conservatives released a clarification (dubbed a suicide note by the Conservative staffer who distributed it) in which (1) the problems on one recording were blamed on technical difficulties and (2) it was stated that a new version of that recording had been mounted on Grewal's website.

The website itself remained unchanged. What was different is that there was now a different file behind one of the links.

Now clinking on the 'Download audio' link yielded file (#9) instead of file (#3).

9. "GWTM.mpga" (size 12.5 mb; length 55 min, 44.85 seconds; creation date, June 2, 2005, 7:51 PM), which replaces
3. "tm-ud meeting.mp3" (actual size: 36.9 mb, length: 40 min. 30 seconds; creation date, May 31st 11:47 am).

As you can see, it was prepared only a few hours before its release at about midnight June 2nd. You'll also notice that it is 15 minutes longer, or (to put it the other way around) the May 31st version had had 15 minutes cut out of it. The difference between the two files is best illustrated graphically: it is what is yellow in the slide show or red in this transcript (that transcript, of course, was only released a few days later and will be be subject of pt. 3 of this series.)

(For descriptions of files #1-#8, see here.)


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