Sunday, November 06, 2005

What Grewal's website used to look like, Pt. 3 (June 4th, 2005)

If you had surfed over to Grewal's website in the weeks and months following May 31st, you would've seen a screen capture below (apart from the pink numbering).
The files that would be downloaded when you clicked on the links, however, was changing. For a list of the files available there on May 31st, see here; one file was changed late June 2nd; and sometime before June 4th, another one was.

Up until that date, clicking on the audio link for Grewal's with Murphy on the 18th produced "tm meeting.mp3" (created May 31, 11:58 am; 3.6 mb; l3 min. 59 sec.). This file contains part of Grewal's conversation with Tim Murphy from the morning of May 18th.

Now, that link produced TM.mp3 (created June 1, 9:14 am; 23.7 mb; 25 min. 34 sec.). Although this file was created 1 June, it was not added to the Grewal site until sometime on the 3rd or 4th. To compare its contents to the earlier versions of the tape that had been released, see here, where the text next to the red margin is the May 31st tape; the yellow is what was released May 18th; the whole text is the transcript for the tape released June 3rd-4th.)


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