Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is Grewal planning to use Nina for a come-back?

Vanouverite Ken Gardiner raises some interesting questions about Grewal's recent decision to leave politics (here)
I don’t think Gurmant Grewal will be out of the game for long. His MP wife Nina is the ace up his sleeve and it’s time to reshuffle the deck. I predict that he will use Nina to continue networking while he plans a quick comeback.
As Mr. Gardiner points out, the idea that there is much political separation between the two is difficult to sustain: he is known to have coached her politically and (as we'll be exploring over the next few days) felt comfortable negotiating on her behalf.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I used to think you were hard working, talented and smart. You probably are, but I have to add OBSESSED.

All those talents and abilities you used on the tapes could be applied to something more important. For instance, the leak of information to the Toronto Stock Exchange from inside the ministry of finance/PMO/Liberal HQ(?). That resulted in billions of dollars in insider trading.

Instead, you're now a political commentator on Nina Grewal.

Time to move on, buddy.

BTW good luck on the nomination.

8:55 PM  

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