Saturday, December 10, 2005

Nina in the tapes (3)

For those coming late, I've been reviewing the role of Nina Grewal in the Grewal affair. For the first two places where she appeared in the tapes, see here and here.

The third reference to Nina comes soon after the second. Dosanjh asks Gurmant point blank whether he'd consulted Nina about the proposed defection. Here is the conversation from the June 5 transcript (yellow, again, marks sections that someone had edited out of the May 31st tape):
Certain snippets have been left out of the translation, again, however. Here is what my Punjabi friends have helped me reconstruct (yellow, as above, is what was snipped out of the May 31st tapes ; red, what can be heard in the June tapes but is not in the June transcript):
UD (5'33) tusi Nina naal gal kIti hai (5'33) Have you talked to Nina?
GG haanji, dovein decided ta nahin haan, dwindling jihe haan. Depend karde, ki milda ki hai. Je ta quick changa haiga taa tahra tarhi ho jaye, je zyada hee ho jaaye taa baad vich haali karaange. Yes. Both of us are not decided, we are kind of dwindling. It depends on what we get. If we get something good quickly, then it can be done right away. But if it is too much (of waiting) then we’ll do it later.
UD It is difficult. You know the situation. Ais haalat vich kujh nahin ho sakda. Cabinet is quick It is difficult. You know the situation. Nothing can be done in the present circumstances. Cabinet is quick
GG kithe vi ho jaaye je halaan …(NOT CLEAR ) vich jagah naa hove. May be any other place, if at present there is no place in …. (NOT CLEAR)
UD You lose numbers. You lose numbers You lose numbers. You lose numbers
GG Number taa tuhanu immediately mil jaane, … te ik ne Senate vich jaane You will get numbers immediately. … And one has to go to Senate.
UD Agle chhe mahine taa number nahin rehne. Jehrha banda chalaa jayega… There won’t be numbers for the next six months. The person who goes …
GG Haan, haan, I understand Yes, yes I understand
Grewal here refers to the decision to change parties as a mutual one: whether he and Nina will go ahead with the defection depends on "what we get, if we get something good, then it can be done right away".

There is no surprise that this was cut out of the tapes--it's highly embarassing to the Grewals and disproves their claim to have been the pursued, rather than the pursuers, in this relationship. What is a bit of a surprise is that this the transcript of June 5th left out of its text these words that can be heard on the tapes.

(By the way, if any Punjabi speakers want to download the recordings and improve the text and translations to the Punjabi sections of the transcript, you can download the recordings here)

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