Saturday, June 11, 2005

FAQ 5a. Were some of the tapes edited?

Forensic audio experts recognized the signs of editing in some of the tapes very quickly. We do not have to rely on their opinion, however, since the Conservatives have released different versions of single recordings on Grewal's site. For example, the tape of Grewal's meeting with Dosanjh and Murphy (May 17th) was released May 31st. Late on June 2d another recording was made available at Grewal's site that is 15 minutes longer (the accompanying transcript was not released until June 5).
  • The May 31st transcript of the Grewal-Dosanjh-Murphy tape was put up on the CBC website and can be seen here
  • The June 5th transcript can be downloaded from Grewal's site here (choose 'view pdf transcript' under the 'meeting between Gurmant Grewal and Ujjal Dosanjh, joined by Tim Muphy')
  • I have created a the slide show that highlights the differences between the two.

Are these edits intentional? See FAQ 5b. Could the edits be accidental?

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