Saturday, June 11, 2005

FAQ 11. Who is Buckets?

About Me. Apparently there have been questions raised about who I am. Indeed, some have speculated that I am a team of professional hacks participating in 'astroturfing' (creating a virtual 'grass roots' movement) (see here). Nope. Just little old me, together with a 3-year old laptop, a cheapy Epson scanner, a yellow high-lighter, a $3 pair of ear buds, and an obsessive personality. To borrow something Scott Tribe wrote recently:
Three-year old laptop, … $600…
Epson Perfection Scanner, … $139…
Staedtler Yellow Hi-liter, … $1.59…
Being mistaken for a vast Liberal Conspiracy … priceless.
For everything else, there's Progressive Bloggers.

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Immaculate Molotov Cocktail of Contemplation, which I rather like. What's yours?

Acknowledgements. Thanks to many who've linked to sites, suggested improvments, or pointed out relevant material. Special thanks to Bear and Shoveller, who for a time were helping me edit the site; although they helped improve this blog in many ways, I want to point out that they are not responsible for any of its flaws, opinions, or conclusions. Ryan and Phil helped with technical matters; Raj and Sohn with Punjabi translations. A couple of the FAQs were written by others (their authorship is noted in these cases), apart from that, I am responsible for the content.


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