Saturday, June 11, 2005

FAQ 4a. Do the tapes show who approached whom?

Grewal claimed that it had been the Liberals who first approached him and the Liberals denied this, saying that he had come to them. Who is telling the truth about this and can the Grewal tapes settle this?

Directly, no. None of the recorded conversations between Kalia and Grewal make it clear who had done the initiating. Nor do we have all the conversations between Kalia and Grewal (see FAQ 2b: Do we have tapes of all the conversations?).

There are places in the tapes where Grewal makes statements that the Liberals approached him, but these seem to take place in the how-will-we-describe-our-deal-to-the-public sections, where both sides agree that they should say that neither side approached the other, but that the intermediary (Sudesh Kalia) had made the first contacts both ways. Even if we had a clear statement of Grewal that he had been approached this would not be good evidence, since he knows that he is taping the conversations and may be lying to create a cover-story that he can use later.

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