Thursday, June 09, 2005

Man-bites-dog story

See link above. The accusation, of course, is predicated on the assumption that the Liberals did make some offers. In fact, it seems the opposite. It was Grewal who asked for a senate seat for his wife (see here), fished for a cabinet post for himself, insisted that re-election as a liberal would be easy (if a cabinet minister), and in the end announces that he would not cross because he would not have an equivalent sense of security (see p. 14, just below the middle). (This didn't stop him from asking against the next day though: here).

What does all this tell us? (Attention Reporters--this is the man-bites-dog story--The Liberals were Telling the Truth!)


Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

The NDP has always had a reputation for trying to get the truth out and for taking the high ground in politics so this move really isn't surprising. However, I think that this time they have other motives in mind which might explain their fervor. By constantly demanding an investigation of Mr. Murphy and now Mr. Martin, what the NDP are effectively demonstrating is that they are willing to work with whoever is open to doing things for Canadians, but at the same time will not blindly follow into alliances and will hold governments accountable.

The NDP strategy over the past month and a half has been perfect from their position and they have been rewarded with consistently high poll numbers and now, at least according to Decima, more support in Ontario than the Tories.

I have to hand it to the NDP. I may not support their party and find them awefully frustrating at times, but they have turned from a quiet party with an invisible leader to a party that is fighting for centre stage and trying to demonstrate that they can have an effective and important role in parliament. Hats off to the NDP strategists on a job well done.

Question for Liberals: how to stop the vote splitting next election?

8:40 PM  
Blogger Koby said...

I think the following is on page 6. According to Murphy, other Conservatives have asked for posts outside of politics, a la Nina Grewal.

"Murphy … there are others in your caucus that have asked, I will do this if you will do this, I will do that if you will do that or the other thing and we have said no period. Right? In truth, I’ don’t think that actually serves us or the individual well, right. Because it has kind of been you know, they have asked for a reward outside of politics and just do not think that’s, the Prime Minister does not think that is the right thing to do. I want you to know, you might say there is an element of trust in what is happening here, but there is a reason for that because quite frankly its better for us to be honest with you, and frankly it is better for someone like you to work on that basis. … I do not know if you knew that, and I ask if you not talk to other caucus members but that. That there, some of them are getting close to retirement and or less interested in battle and are looking for a way out and we have had to say no to them."

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Blogger buckets said...

p. 4 of TM-GG-5-18.pdf (hopefully I'll have a colour version up soon)

9:08 PM  
Blogger Koby said...

Murphy's comments should be of interest to conspriarcy buffs.


In order to stem the flood of Torries wanting out, Harper first talks to agent Inky. Inky makes allegations about being approached.

However, Inky fails in his assigment. Stronach leaves anyway.

Then agent Grewal is sent. Grewal effectively puts the kibosh on any plans various Tory MPs might have had for crossing the floor. The bad news for Harper is that Grewal gets a little overzealous.

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