Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Communications staff leave

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With seasoned communications staff leaving for greener pastures, ongoing internal grumbling over the Gurmant Grewal debacle and a new poll showing Conservative support sinking nationally, Harper has his own world of misery to face.

Two respected communications professionals have announced in the last week they're leaving the Conservatives and there are rumblings of others bailing out.

While Mike Storeshaw and Jim Armour insist publicly and privately that their departures have nothing to do with the party's direction, Harper is developing a reputation for letting good people slip away.
There was some speculation earlier that the rumoured departures were Harper's decision and amounted to someone getting the sack for the Grewal fiasco. This suggests not.

Update. In the comments, Bear points out that this reminscent of the Stockwell Day collapse. See his Blank Out Times.


Blogger Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man said...

The only people that that should be punished from the CPC is the communications staff. That is it. If you want to argue that Good Mr. Iron Man should bear criminal reponibility...OK. That would then mean that ujall and tim(and of course...pmpm) share "double" the responsibility.

Long live the Blessed Double Agent

12:08 AM  
Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Patterns: Communications Staff fleeing as if from the plague? Exactly what happened when the Spy vs Spy episode under Stockwell Day happened.See post at Blank Out Times on the "Way Back Machine".

As it became abundantly clear in the months that followed... the communications staff leaving were not indicitive of their lack of integrity or ability or ethics. It was that they did not want to be stuck with the albatross around their neck of being associated with such buffoonery. They wanted to get distance between themselves and the Sinking SS Day and salvage their professional careers as best they can.

I suspect that this little episode, of fleeing staff is merely history repeating itself. Time will tell of course.

Also. If these communications staff were being "let go" or "fired" instead of resigning... that would have been announced and Harper would have sacrificed them as responsible for the mess. No. These people are quitting. And the reason the press on their departure is not nasty is because these people KNOW what the truth is about these tapes and THEY don't want to be associated with what's happened here.

They won't come out and spill the beans on the tape-tampering... unless the CPC Attack machine goes after them... Which they would be stupid to do. (So expect it)

12:19 AM  

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