Friday, June 03, 2005

New Tape: Dosanjh refuses a cabinet post? Grewal wants to be a somebody!

The second conservative correction of their tape adds the following:
UD (in Punjabi) – Cabinet wrong
GG (in Punjabi) – I want to be someone up there[.] If I go with you guys[,] I want to be with someone up there[.] If I go with you guys, what commission[?] [ed.: I add punctuation]
(next passage in English difficult to hear, sounds like “very understandable”)
UD: What are we going to do with the numbers?
Dosanjh here says (in the Conservative's 'rough translation') is 'Cabinet wrong'. This is probably a rejection of any idea that Grewal will join the Liberal cabinet after crossing the floor. Grewal's response—like Steve Martin, he wants to be a 'somebody'!—seems to restate and re-emphasize the request.


Blogger Mark Francis said...

Grewal is soliciting a bribe!

Or, sorry. Right. It's a 'sting'. Uh huh.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Well, that looks pretty obvious. man that Grewal is a good actor, he really strung Dosanjh along...I'm sure the Mounties will want to , ah, "recruit" him for his expertise at conducting sting operations....

Can you spell entrapment?

1:32 PM  

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