Friday, June 03, 2005

Conservatives release 15 more minutes of tape

As has been noted, the Conservatives admit that the MP3 that they released has been adulterated by technical glitches and announce that there is a new MP3 to download at Grewal's site. (Why are these downloads there rather than at the Conservative site?) It has the name GWTM.mpga. In order to play it, I had to edit this to 'GWTM.mpg' (that is, delete 'a').

It is 55 min, 44.85 seconds long. The original MP3 was 40 min. 30 sec. long. So there are 15 minutes more here. Stay tuned. 30 seconds of that are silence at the beginning of the tape. But conversations seems to fill all the rest.

Update The pdf transcript of this conversation seems unchanged.


Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

If the Tories say there were two brief technical glitches of insignificant information, why then do they suddenly have 15 more minutes of tape? Have the Tories been caught in a lie and decided to avoid possible criminal investigation themselves by releasing information that is damning to Grewal? It is too bad the transcript has not been changed so I can read what the new conversation says.

10:43 AM  

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