Thursday, June 02, 2005

Is this obstruction of justice?

It is becoming clear that the tapes that have been given to the public have been edited in a number of ways, some trivial (here), some not (here).

But if these tapes were given to the RCMP as part of a probe (here), wouldn't that be obstruction of justice?


Blogger Mike said...

Wow. Can you believe this? CFRA is a VERY Conservative-friendly radio station here in Ottawa. If thier professional sound engineers are saying its spliced (and you know, they DO this for a living, after all). And Dosonjh is saying he has two experts saying the same thing:

Could it be that the Liberals are telling the truth? Could it be they are actually the victims here?

This is getting very interseting. I wouldn't want to be Stephen Harper right now....

3:27 PM  

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