Thursday, June 02, 2005

Round-up of Grewal

The Toronto Sun reports that Harper is defending Grewal:
"My view, in this business, you assume you're on the record at all times ... I don't tape all of my conversations but that's a legal right of someone if they wish to exercise it," Harper said yesterday.

CTV News reports that the RCMP probe is not yet a full criminal investigation.

The Globe & Mail has a brief biography of Grewal, including references to exaggerations.

At is a story reviewing the damage done by tapers to themselves.


Anonymous Ryan said...

This was not Grewal's only brushes with infamy. He also has suggested in the past that BC Premier Gordon Campbell forced him to step down, and that a photo of Grewal endorsing his replacement candidate was staged against his will. Everyone else at the meeting denies Grewal's version of events, but he claims he has secretly recorded tapes to back that up too.

Can't find a source on this, sadly, but I know it happened. This guy has been a chump for some time now, and has been secretly recording conversations for a decade. To me this adds further credence to the idea that he really was trying to switch to the Liberals, and refused only when he could receive no firm offer.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

For sources, the Globe and Mail refered to it in an article today, Larry Zolf commented on it in a viewpoint piece for and I believe CTV had it in an article for yesterday or the day before.

If you read today's Globe you will see that there are enormous credibility issues facing Grewal.

12:46 PM  

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