Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Have Grewal's tapes been tampered with?

MIke just mentioned in his comments that there is a news story breaking about splicing in the tapes. I had noticed that the original eight minutes is part of the Tim Murphy tape and that there are places where the two transcripts are slightly different. I was about to begin investigating. Stay tuned.

Update: The original eight minute excerpt reads as follows:
Murphy: So I think the way to make it work, and the way that allows us the freedom—as you can tell. Right? Just to be blunt, right? I think it's a bad idea, truthfully, to have any kind of commitment that involves an explicit trade. Because I think anything that [unintelligible].

I don't think it's good if anybody lies. So if anybody asks the question well, was there a deal, you say, 'No.'

You want that to be the truth. And so that's what I want, is the truth to be told.

Secondly, though, I mean obviously it's an important decision for you and your wife and I understand that you want to ensure that you can continue to contribute. Both of you. So, I understand that.

And, as I said, people who make decisions like this in a principled way are people who ought to and deserve to continue to contribute.

So how do we square that circle?
The transcript just released (1Conversation-Tim Murphy.pdf, p. 4) reads thus:
Tim: So look, way to make it work and I think the way that allows us the freedom. As you can, just to be blunt, I think it is a bad idea truthfully to have any kind of commitment that involves an explicit trade.
Gurmant: Yeah,
Tim: Right. Here let me get the door for you.
Gurmant: Yes please. Sorry about that.
Time: Are you from BC too? We were just talking about the BC election. Alright. Thank you. That, um, because I think anything that,

I don't think it is good if anybody lies so if anybody is asked the question was there a deal and you say no, you want that to be the truth and so that is what I want is the truth be told.
This could be a transcription error. I'll check the original recordings. Stay tuned!


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