Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tape 1 (with Kalia) Indian consulate

About half way through the 2d conversation between Grewal and Kalia (apparently early Monday morning), we find this exchange:
Kalia — You (GG) review, this is their need, why would they (PM and UD) deceive.
GG - Ok I will call you and tell you (my decision) later on,ok.
SK - I don't think they will, he told me again and again. He (PM) promised Dr. (Gulzar) Cheema (consulate in Chandigarh, India) andhe'll meet that commitment after the legal problems are resolved. Cheema also told me that he can not discuss this more than this, he (Cheema) says every thing is OK with him.
Again, the editing is sloppy. And one should be careful about what is in parentheses, since these are interpretative helpers and in places they are probably slanted. Thus in 'why would they deceive?', they probably means only 'the Liberals' rather than PM and UD specifically.

But an interesting question. What is it that 'he' (PM? or might this, too, be someone else?) promised to Dr. Cheema? What are the legal problems to be resolved? There was some earlier discussion between Kalia and Cheema--what was this about?

Some of this would presumably be clearer if we had the earlier discussions. Have they been taped? If no, why not? If so, where are the tapes?

[Update. Ok. I think I get this now. Cheema was the Liberal candidate in Fleetwood-Port Kells in 2004. If Nina Grewal (Grewal's wife and Conservative member for Fleetwood-Port Kells) was going to cross the floor, she would have needed to have a nomination to that riding cleared for her. Apparently Cheema is stepping aside.

What was he stepping aside for? The editor of the transcript includes 'consulate in Chandigarh, India', which may (I guess) be true. But what would be the source of that information? Presumably Grewal, but his credibility is pretty shaky in this whole affair.


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