Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Guest post (Mike) on Grewal tapes

From the comments, Mike (from Rational Reasons) says:
I've only looked over it quickly but here's my pet theory:

Grewal approached the Liberals and offered his "services" in exhange for Volpe backing down. From this: http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2005/05/19/grewel-050519.html its pretty clear he approached the Liberals.

Of course, the Libs, fresh off of getting Ms. Stronach, may have implied they might offer more, as icing on the cake. Or maybe Grewal made the implication. We may not know since these are not all of the tapes, apparently (at least not the begining or the end, according to CBC). The tapes seem to show Murphy saying "no thanks, we'll see how you vote." I guess they didn't trust him.

Considering that he has done this exact same thing many times in the past, they probably were smart not to trust him.

I'm guessing that Grewal genuinely tried to cross and was caught by the CPC (in the wake of BS, they were probably pretty sensitive to this) and made the " I was trying to get them to break the law" claim to cover his ass with the CPC. But since he only ever really intended to use the tapes to ensure the Liberals followed through on the deal and not release them, he wasn't careful enough to make sure he didn't do anything incriminating or embarassing to himself. Hence the reason it took so long for the tapes to come out...the CPC was hoping the whole thing would blow over.

Or Grewal did this, possibly at the behest of Harper, and its a case of entrapment - he made the (possibly criminal) offer to sell his vote for a favour - either a "back off" from Volpe over his questionable scheme to sell immagration papers or a senate seat.

Either way, I think Grewal and the CPC come out worse than the Libs. I mean we EXPECT that from the Libs (and I suspect the CPC would be doing the same wheeling and dealing if the talbes were turned), but the CPC has tried to position themselves as the clean alternative.

Man, what a freaking mess. Don;t we have bills and laws to pass or something?


Blogger Mike said...

Oh my, you make me blush.

Given all the stuff I speculate on AND the fact that only 1 hour and 15 minutes of the 4 hours has been released, I stand by my theory until something else comes to light.

Grewal has painted himself into a corner and I don;t know how he can escape. I mean after the dud of the first 8 minutes, we wait 10 day for this? Even more uncertaintly?

If there was a real smoking gun in those tapes, the CPC would have released it the day of the vote and changed Chuck Cadmans mind. 10 days later there is still nothing.

What a waste of time. God, no wonder Canadains don;t want to vote in elections and don;t trust their politicians, when they behave like kids.

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