Monday, May 30, 2005

Buckets of career choices

Grewal gets lots of job offers. (i) In the mid-90s, for example, he claimed that he had been offered the position of honorary vice-consul of Liberia in Canada (here), something that he says never came to pass. (ii) In these same years, he claims that he was offered a job as deputy minister for stepping aside in a nomination battle (here). (iii) In 2002, he claims that Chretien offered him a cabinet post for crossing the floor (here). In this most current political fufurah, he claims he has been offered (iv) a senate seat, (v) a cabinet post, and/or (vi) a diplomatic post.

But this all raises an important question. With great offers like these, why is Gurmant still a lowly back-bencher?


Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Did you see that today Mr.Grewal just wants to "Move On".


9:42 AM  

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