Sunday, May 29, 2005

Social Moderates who've left the CPC

While going through the data provided by Campaign Life about voting on social conservative issues it was striking how few Allliance MPs (now, of course, Conservatives) voted against the social conservative position. Here are the MPs from that list:

  1. Scott Brison, Kings-Hants.; voted against '99 and '03 marriage votes; voted for C-250, against M-83, and (subsequently) for SSM

  2. Bill Casey, North Nova.; voted against M-83

  3. Loyola Hearn, St. John's South; voted for C-250

  4. Rahim Jaffer, Edmonton-Strathcona.; voted against M-83

  5. Gerald Keddy, South Shore; voted for C-250 to include sexual orientation under hate speech; voted against M-83 to study the necessity of abortion; recently has voted for same-sex marriage

  6. Peter Mackay, Central Nova; voted for C-250; voted against M-83; voted for C-13 on reproductive technologies

  7. Inky Mark, Dauphin-etc.; voted against M-83

  8. Keith Martin, Esquimalt.; voted against M-83 (and, subsequently, for SSM)

  9. James Moore, Port Moody-etc.; voted against M-83 (and recently for ssm)
Two things about this are striking. First, that there are so few that were out-of-step with their Alliance colleagues. Second, that two of the most high profile of these--Brison and Martin--have subsequently become Liberals. So, too, with SSM. Only four Conservatives voted for the bill--Moore, Keddy, Prentice, and Stronach, one of whom has subsequently bolted to the Liberals.

So out of maybe 10 conservatives that can be identified as moderates, three have bolted the party.


Blogger Cyrano said...

Just a goofy question, I'm sure - but why does your spectrum towards the left seem to stop at 'moderate'? If it does go further, what kinds of policies would a person have to support to reach it?

10:39 PM  

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