Sunday, May 29, 2005

Grewal's fantasy career as a Liberian diplomat

Still more weird stories. Apparently for a time Grewal claimed to be the Liberian 'honorary vice-consul' in Canada, something that he later denied. For example, here:
A reporter learned Grewal was rejected as a provincial Liberal candidate because he was supposedly not well known in the community. Grewal responded by sending out a resume that stated he "recommended to and then helped the president of Liberia to launch Green Revolution in the country."

He also claimed to be honorary vice-consul of Liberia in Canada, the Vancouver Province reported in 1997, citing a copy of the resume obtained by the newspaper in May 1995.

Grewal confirmed Friday he sought the post, but never became a Liberian representative in Canada.

The Liberian government "asked me if I would like to be vice-consul or honorary consul and they were considering it, but it never happened," he said.


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