Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Grewal's Blackberry call log incomplete?

On the final page of the transcripts of six calls with Sadesh Kalia is 'Call log on GG's Blackberry', which begins thus:
16 May 12:37 PM Missed call from SK
16 May 1:02 PM Missed call from SK
16 May 1:13 PM Missed call from SK
16 May 1:37 PM Missed call from SK
16 May 2:49 PM Received call from SK
Which call is this from the transcripts?

It can't be Call 1, since this was made the night before, on Sunday.

It also can't be Call 2. The call begins with the complaint that Dosanjh had called him early (6 am, which would be 9 am Ottawa). Also in the course of Call 2, Grewal mentions that he is on the way to Question Period. From Hansard we know that Question Period started just after 2:15 pm.

It also can't be Call 3, which gives its time as 9:04 am (Vancouver time? = 12:04 in Ottawa), which is before the first call listed in the log.

Does this mean that the call log is incomplete? There were two calls that clearly took place before the log begins, and those calls seem to assume the existence of earlier calls. What gives?


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