Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Four hours? Or 1.25 hours?

In the comments of the last post, Mike (ever vigilant and helpful) points out:
We may never know. It seems the CPC is now claiming that that is all of the tapes (here).

So for 11 days they say there are 4 hours and now there are 1 hour and 15 minutes? Something smells fishy to me...
. Something is surely fishy. But what? As I see it, there are several possibilities.
  1. The conservatives have other tapes and don't want the public to see them, presumably because they clear the Liberals and/or make Grewal look very bad.
  2. The Conservatives are telling the truth as far as they know it (they've released all the tapes they know about), but Grewal lied to them. (Only Grewal knows how many tapes he made. If he only gave half of them to the Conservatives, they will not know of the others.)
  3. Both the Conservatives and Grewal are telling the truth. The falsehood was when Grewal lied about there being four hours--"It doesn't take four hours to say 'no'".
Personally, I suspect the truth lies somewhere between #2 and #3.

First, it is difficult to believe that Grewal did not tape the pizza date, since he taped the process of setting up the date and the follow-up discussion the next morning. So I find it hard to believe that he does not have that version.

But it is important to emphasize how few of Grewal's statements seem to be true. When this affair started, he said that he was offered a cabinet post, an ambassadorship, and/or a senate seat to cross the floor. As it turns out, he was offered none of those things. There are hints that he may be given a position as parliamentary secretary, but that's it. So if he can turn "we'll talk about making you parliamentary secretary" into a senate seat, it doesn't strain credibility too much to say that he might stretch an hour-and-a-bit into four hours.


Blogger Mike said...

The latest in this sorry affair (as of 18:05 on local Ottawa news - The New RO) is that there appears to be words spliced into conversations on the recordings. At least that is what the Libs are claiming.

Now perhaps you might think this is more "not us" from the Liberals, but I have a hard time thinking they would make such a charge without some kind of evidence. After all, the only people who know what was really said, beginning to end, are Grewal and the Liberals involved.

Now, as a former student of Journalism at Carleton, let me tell you how easy it is to do this with the actual tapes - you need a razor blade and scotch tape. With mp3, its even easier.

So NOW the question becomes, do the RCMP have the original tapes for forensic examination?


In the meantime, everyone is missing the fact that the CPC is fillibustering every committee, including the budget and the Civil Marriage Act, and essentially shutting the government down again. Of course, no one notices when Grewal makes an appearance.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About this filibustering by the Conservatives - just saw Valeri, Reynolds and NDP Libby on CBC and they said that committees are working well - they are getting things through and a lot of work done working the usual 12-15 hour days during session and that there are no "tactical" type stalling tactics fgoing on aside from making sure there is due diligence.

So, they are all back to work - it is just the Question Period where the opposition parties are obliged to oppose that we see any fireworks.

The Liberal stalling tactics after losing the confidence of the house so they could troll for a few leeches worked so they could bribe, cajole and bully to get a majority.
Nuff said.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Scott Tribe said...

Except they didnt lose the confidence of the House -- they lost on a procedural motion... they then quickly set up a Budget vote and won that vote... which WAS a confidence motion.

I still dont know why some Tory supporters wont stop crying about this -- if they'd have won the no-confidence motion.. they wouldnt have won the election according to the polls. They got a hidden blessing as far as I'm concerned in losing the vote.

10:24 PM  

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