Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Clearing the forest in search of logs

The easiest place to hide a log is in the forest. So in order to understand the tapes and the whole episode, we have to try to make a little order of what we have. Here is a list of conversations, with [brackets enclosing conversations that we know about or can deduce, but which haven’t been released]:
  1. [Initial calls between Sadesh Kalia and Grewal (see here). These will establish who approached whom]
  2. Telephone calls with Kalia, six of which are made public in 3Telconversations-SudeshKalia-GurmantGrewal.pdf. At the end of that document is a log of Grewal’s Blackberry calls that shows that there were at least 11 calls between Grewal and Kalia. And since the first three of conversations took place before this log begins (here), there must have been at least 14 calls between them.
  3. [The last call with Kalia sets up the Pizza Date, May 16, 8 pm. Nothing has been released about this]
  4. Stronach’s defection: May 17, c. 9 am
  5. Meeting with Dosanjh, May 17, 1pm, Tim Murphy joins them. (Transcript: 2Converastion-TimMurphy-UjjaDosanjh-GumantGrewal.pdf)
(To be continued and updated)


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