Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Five phone calls

The transcript called ‘4Telconversations-TimMurphy-Gurmant-Grewal-UjjalDosanjh-Gurmant Grewal.pdf’ contains (as one might guess) phone calls that Grewal had with Murphy and Dosanjh. According to Grewal’s website these calls belongs to May 17-18. The calls on the tape are:
  1. telephone with Dosanjh. This is presumably after the pizza meeting (8 pm, May 16th), and after the meeting Dosanjh and Murphy (1 pm, May 17th).
  2. telephone with Murphy. This is after meeting with Dosanjh and Murphy and sets up a meeting in Grewal’s office for the next morning (10 am, May 18th?) (this is presumably the meeting that we have a transcript of)
  3. telephone with Dosanjh.
  4. telephone with Murphy (from the next day?), ended because of poor reception
  5. telephone with Murphy, picking up almost immediately on the last call.


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