Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Update: original 8-minute tape has been tampered with

As was mentioned in the last post, there is some concern about whether the tapes have been tampered with. If you download the original 8-minute tape (here), at 2:30 there is a knock on the door. In the tape 'tm meeting.mp3', the same knock is at 2:52. Following that knock, the "tm meeting.mp3" has the following words that are missing from the original 8-minutes released:
I think it is a bad idea truthfully to have any kind of commitment that involves an explicit trade.
Gurmant: Yeah,
Tim: Right. Here let me get the door for you.
Gurmant: Yes please. Sorry about that.
Time: Are you from BC too? We were just talking about the BC election. Alright. Thank you. That, um, because I think anything that,

There is no question that one or both tapes have been tampered with. Here we can only see the tampering because the same conversations were released twice.


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