Thursday, June 02, 2005

Breaking News! Lexical police arrest MP for 'Grewaled'

Breaking news. The Canadian Commission against the Abuse of English has sent the lexical police to arrest NDP MP Pat Martin for coining a new verb without a proper license. NDP MP Pat Martin:
The Grewal episode exposes another kind of political betrayal that is seedier for its secrecy, says New Democrat MP Pat Martin."No matter how you shake it up, it's unethical, unprofessional and downright cheesy to ever tape a conversation without the other person's knowledge and consent. And I don't accept that Grewal had somehow deputized himself to conduct some elaborate sting operation" to catch the Liberals trying to woo his support in exchange for a cabinet post, he added. Grewal has sapped the already low reserves of trust on Parliament Hill, Martin said."He has heralded in a new low in integrity. From this day on, MPs will always be wary of getting 'Grewaled.'
Commission spokesman Professor Smedley Davenworst of Tuktoyaktuk University insisted that a hard-line must be taken against such coinages. "If we allow this, what next? 'To Ujjal' someone, meaning to take them for pizza and make outrageous promises that no sane person would believe? 'To Harper' someone, meaning to offer insincere statements of trust in one's underlings? No. If we don't draw a line here, Canadian English will collapse under the weight of its own insider jokes."


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