Friday, June 03, 2005

When did it become a sting?

One of the unresolved questions about the Grewal affair is when Mr. Grewal decided to turn the conversations into a sting. At the outset? After he didn't get what he asked for? After seeing that Stronach got a cabinet seat, but he was refused one? After he was caught by the conservative leadership?

One point that should factor into our discussion of this is Grewal's choice of language. One thing that the transcripts do not make clear is when the words are in Punjabi and when they are in English. The discussions between Grewal and Dosanjh are in a mix. In fact, it is not unusual for Grewal to speak in Punjabi and Dosanjh to answer in English.

Here is my point. I think it is unlikely that Grewal would have been saying anything in Punjabi if he had thought that the tapes would be used to prove anything to anyone. If he had wanted to prove to Harper his loyalty, he would have stayed in English. If he had wanted to prove to the public that the Liberals were crooked, he would have used English. This leads me to believe that Grewal's original intent was to have tapes for his own record, or perhaps for future reference to remind his conversation-partners of what was agreed.


Blogger Mike said...

Very good point. And that makes sense to me. Even if it was Dosanjh that started in Punjabi, Grewal could easily have answered in English to ensure that the point was clear, without the need for translation. Dosanjh did it throughout the tapes (answering Punjabi with English).

Mr. Grewal can say what ever he wants, his past and current behaviour seem to betray his real motives here.

9:36 AM  
Blogger buckets said...

I think that most of these conversations should be examined very closely forensically. One thing about such conversations in my experience is that they revert to one language or another. When I answer a German question with an English answer is a signal that I prefer English. Most Germans, if they can, switch over to English. I think the possibility should be explored whether Punjabi questions and English answers have been pasted togethr.

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