Friday, June 03, 2005

Correction to next fourteen lines

Here is the next lines of the GG-UD-TM meeting, with the conservative correction inserted where it probably belongs.

GG (in Punjabi) – It seems there might be some more … [ed.: presumably 'defections']
UD (in Punjabi) – Those from New Foundland [sic] are suspected.
GG (in Punjabi) – It is difficult for them to decide how to vote.
UD (in Punjabi) - Would you have a cup of tea[?]
GG (in Punjabi) – No, thanks, let us hurry up.
UD (in Punjabi) – Sure? Tim will come soon.
GG (in Punjabi) – We have to rush through because of the Question Period
UD (in Punjabi) – Today, Question Period is at 2 PM
GG (in Punjabi) – Don’t you have to prepare for it[?]
UD (in Punjabi) – No, I can just prepare in 5 minutes, in the car.
insert Conservative correction #2 here?
UD (in Punjabi) – Cabinet wrong
GG (in Punjabi) – I want to be someone up there[.] If I go with you guys[,] I want to be with someone up there[.] If I go with you guys, what commission[?] [ed.: I add punctuation]
(next passage in English difficult to hear, sounds like “very understandable”)
UD: What are we going to do with the numbers?

UD (switching to English) - I think[, I think] (Belinda) (back to Punjabi) has made it easier for you, if you want.
GG (in Punjabi) – That’s true

[Edit: That the conservative correction #2 needs to be inserted somewhere here is implied by the fact that this section is six seconds longer in the new version than the old]


Anonymous ryan said...

What a farce. First of all, if complete sentances are omitted it is ludicrious to pretend it was due to a technical glitch. In addition to the two they have admitted to now, there are also the ones that you found where they don't even match their existing transcripts. With the multitude of truly unintentional errors, you'd see words being cut off in the middle and things not being coherent at all.

Even after the insertions are made, does that make any sense at all? I'm not saying you are wrong about where the corrections are supposed to be added in, but how the heck are we supposed to thing that makes any sense?

UD: "No, I can prepare in 5 minutes, in the car. Cabinet wrong."

Oh yes, Mr. Dosanjh -- I see what you mean. Clearly your first sentence about preparing for question period in the car led directly into a discussion about moving to cabinet. </sarcasm>

How much longer will the CPC try to defend this chump?

12:06 PM  
Anonymous PeterP said...

Yeah, the funniest thing about these released "corrections" is that they don't even refer to the sections where the splicing obviously occured.

12:24 PM  
Blogger buckets said...

Ryan. That's a good point. But perhaps I've inserted this in the wrong place.

Might "Cabinet wrong" fit better after the "Cabinet right away?" exchange?

That is: GG asks for 'cabinet right away'; UD is surprised and asks, twice, 'cabinet right away?' GG affirms that that is his price. Then Dosanjh says 'Cabinet wrong' (i.e., no way).

2:07 PM  

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