Friday, June 03, 2005

Cabinet right away

There are more problems here

Beginning at 2:05 of the new tape, there are some clear English words. This is what I hear (xxxx are Punjabi words):
GG: xxxx xxxx xxxxx (2:08) right away. (pause) Right away.
UD: (pause) (2:11) Cabinet right away?
GG: (2:13) hm, hm [Ed.: apparently an affirmative to the previous question]
UD: (pause) (2:15) Cabinet right away?
GG: xxxx (2:18) right away. xxx xxx xxx
This is how it appears in the Conservative transcript (the emphasis, in bold, is theirs):
UD: I think (Belinda ) has made it easier for you, if you want.
GG - That's True
UD - In fact, cabinet can be arrranged right away.
The Conservative transcript makes it sound like Dosanjh is confirming a Cabinet post. It seems likelier to me that Grewal is naming his price and Dosanjh is having sticker shock.

(Any Punjabi speakers out there?)


Blogger Mike said...

I guess the Conswervative were right, this is a "smoking-gun tape".

Of course, I'm sure they didn;t mean it like this.

Buckets, you may yet win the Grewal Pool.

1:33 PM  

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