Saturday, June 04, 2005

Security matters: Why Grewal turned the Liberals down

In the newest version of Grewal's taped meeting with Dosanjh and Murphy, Grewal turns the Liberals down and explains his reasons (GWTM.mpg, 47:38 to 48:59):
TM: I understand what you are saying, you're saying that security matters. [Ed. This is the last line on p. 10 of the May 31st transcript; its words are in italics]

GG: the reason is that in my party we are the only two Sikhs, ethnic-minority, woman, from BC. [Ed.: text improved on re-listening to the tape]

TM: Yeah

GG: So ... The work that I've done. I've not burnt any bridges in my party. My party does appreciate the work that I've done. My leader does appreciate… he took the bullet for me for this case, which nobody really does want. You know that.

TM: Yeah.

GG: And Joe Volpe … my leader told me, you know, be quiet and he will take the bullet for me and he did. And normally it doesn't happen that way. So I'm having a brighter future if we have a government. You know that. And so, I think, if I'm doing it, its kind of a … what I may be accomplishing where I stay. I stay where I am. So if I cross the floor and then have from xxx equivalent security.

TM: Yeah

GG: Anyway, so we'll leave it there

UD: Two days late... And I think that Nina will not win the next, um, seat, if she's a Liberal?

TM: Yeah, no, I understand that

GG: I may, she may not.

TM: Yeah

GG: If I'm Liberal in my riding, I'll win … easily (with emphasis),

UD: If he decides to run…

TM: Yes

GG: That is, hypothecically, if I'm in cabinet

TM: Yes

GG: and I'm running as a Liberal in the next election. Not a problem. Anyway, so we'll leave it there. I'll leave it up to you, but I think the Joe Volpe thing needs time and xxx, I'd say, xx xxx tomorrow, when we're making an … if we're to make an announcement tomorrow, I'm prepared because this was done the day before

TM: Yeah

UD: Do you want to talk, are you comfortable with what Tim has said to you.

GG: What's that.

UD: That security matters.

GM: Yeah

GG: Yeah

UD: You agree security matters, he agrees security matters. [Ed. What is in italics is the first line of p. 11 of the transcript]

What do we learn here? That Grewal is turning down the possibility to become a Liberal because he didn't think that they had offered him enough to guarantee his security. He has named half his price (a senate seat for his wife) and hinted at the other half (a cabinet post for himself). He could not get sufficient guarantees. Thus he withdrew from futher negotions.


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