Friday, June 03, 2005

More exculpatory material?

Macleans has a story about an ethics probe into the whole sorry mess. It reports that some of the new bits of tape that have been released
But two of the excerpts that reappeared - translated from Punjabi - are embarrassing for Grewal because they show him asking Dosanjh for a reward:

"If it is something good then it would be tempting," Grewal says in one instance.

In another, he adds: "I want to be someone up there. If I go with you guys, I want to be someone up there."

Grewal's credibility may also be damaged by a discrepancy between the audio and transcripts provided on his website.

Grewal has claimed the Liberals offered him an ambassadorship. But on the tape, Murphy is heard ruling out such an appointment "outside of politics" because "the prime minister doesn't think that's the right thing to do."

Murphy's reference to the prime minister does not appear in the transcript provided by Grewal.
Add this to my earlier post where it seems that Grewal is demanding 'Cabinet right away' and Dosanjh seems to deny it.

This makes it increasingly difficult for the Conservatives to claim that the changes were accidental glitches. There seems to be a pattern here to remove parts of the conversation where Grewal is making requests and Dosanjh and Murphy are denying them. Add to these the places where it seems that words were actually spliced together for damaging effect: for example in the Dosanjh phone call where it sounds to me like there are edits at the spots marked †:
(English) Gradually, (switch to Punjabi) when you hold the roots, while you (switch to English) sacrifice, I'm sure rewards are there at some point, right. † (switch to Punjabi) No one can forget such gestures but they † (switch to English) require certain degree of deniability. † [Ha Ha Ha] † Right, (switch to Punjabi) you understand this.
(Make your own judgement by listening to the last half of this.)


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