Saturday, June 04, 2005

How many hands involved in editing the tapes and making the transcripts?

As I pointed out yesterday evening, one of the differences between the tapes of Grewal's meeting with Murphy and Dosanjh is how they begin. The new tape (hopefully now unadulterated) begins with 30 seconds of dead air. The old tape begins with Grewal's voice saying
"Meeting with Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh (Health Minister) and Mr. Tim Murphy (Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister of Canada's Office) on May 17th, Tuesday, at 1:00 pm." (click)
Obviously Grewal's words here were added after the taping itself, and obviously this was added digitally. (If he had spoken onto the beginning of the analogue tape, we would not have a version in which there are no such words.)

There is only one reasonable conclusion: Grewal was involved in the editing.

But according to the Conservative press release,
Mr. Grewal provided the Office of the Leader of the Opposition with all of the tapes he had. They were loaded onto a computer to create a master file.
This clearly implies that the work on the tape was done in Harper's office. This should mean that in addition to Grewal, there was another (or others) involved.

One of the things about the transcripts that hasn't been noticed so far is that there is a different convention employed for referring to speakers. In "1Conversation Tim Murphy.pdf" Murphy's lines are introduced as "Tim", Grewal's as "Gurmant". In the other three (numbered--tellingly, I think--2Conversation…, 3TelConversation…, 4TelConversation…), the speakers are SK, UD, GG, TM.

One explanation of this would be thus: Grewal did the first transcript, and (because he was personally connected with the parties involved) used first names. He is 'Gurmant', Murphy is 'Tim'.

The second, third, and fourth transcripts were done by someone else, who made all the speakers initials.

It's just a theory. Tell me what you think.


Blogger Mark Francis said...

Good theory: but we need more evidence as there must be possible alternate explanations.

The CPC claimed that they hired temps.

Did Grewal do the translations?

If Grewal did do the first tape, then the CPC itself is employing more BS than I'd tolerate.

On another note, Buckets, Scott Tribe came up with an important consideration wrt Grewal's motivations here,. I left some important elaboration. Bottom line: Grewal's election last time around was really close. Had he stayed in the CPC, he may have even lost his seat. Had he crossed and gotten a cabinet post, it may have been enough for him to hang on.

His wife is in a CPC riding with a greater CPC lead. This may explain why he was trying to get her a Senate appointment: had she crossed the floor, the stronger CPC vote in her riding would likely see her turffed next election.

12:27 PM  
Blogger buckets said...

Thanks, Mark. On the election, at one point in the new Murphy-Dosanj-Grewal tape, Grewal claims that as a Liberal he would be elected very easily in his riding.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Yes, and thanks to these shenanigans, the NDP will now take it...

2:43 PM  

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