Tuesday, June 07, 2005

edited out: the PM nixes a reward outside of politics

Another edit is slightly more subtle. If you look at p. 13 of the new Conservative transcript of the conversation between Grewal, Murphy and Dosanjh, you find Murphy saying this:
Here is a scan from the first transcript that the Conservatives released:

The difference between the two posts is subtle. What Murphy had said--and what had been edited out of the transcript--is that the Prime Minister had ruled out an appointment outside of politics.

What does this mean? It confirms the statement of Sadesh Kalia, the middle-man who had arranged the first meetings between Grewal and Dosanjh, that Grewal had asked for a UN-ambassadorship for Nina. (For the statement, see here.) This line also contradicts Grewal's assertions that he had been offered a diplomatic posting (see here), where he says during a television interview only a few days after going public with the tapes:
Grewal: He made offers, which are on tape; he told me how to abstain, and how to make different arrangements. He made two offers, diplomatic as well as an ambass... uh ... senate position for my wife
This was a lie, of course. Grewal is nowhere offered a diplomatic position or a senate seat for Nina. This passage was cut, one has to assume, so that this lie would not be exposed.


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