Monday, June 06, 2005

How to make Grewal sing (are there any lawyers present?)

Are there any lawyers who would like to comment on what kind of defamation case Murphy or Dosanjh might have? (Grewal lied, released doctored evidence in support of that lie, etc.)

Also, might not the threat of such action force Gruel to come clean: to tell his part in the sorry episode and (more importantly) clarify who (if anyone) in the CPC cooperated?


Anonymous koby said...

Things keep getting stranger.

From the Toronto Star

"OTTAWA — Air Canada is investigating an incident at Vancouver airport involving a Tory MP embroiled in a taping scandal.

Gurmant Grewal was spotted in the waiting area Saturday trying to get passengers to transport a package to Ottawa.

Airport sources won't confirm if there was a tape in the envelope the B.C. MP was trying to pass along.

Grewal turned over tapes last week to the RCMP from secret recordings he made in meetings with two top Liberals.

An Air Canada spokeswoman confirms the airline is investigating, but provided no more information.

Security regulations require any passenger must be on a plane carrying that person's luggage.

A source says Grewal was booked on a flight to Ottawa and passed through security to a waiting area, where he was overheard asking passengers to transport the package."

3:58 PM  
Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

Yes I just read that here:

I would love to know what is in that package.

4:56 PM  

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