Sunday, June 05, 2005

Conservatives release new longer Grewal transcript!

Hi all. Well, all that work was wasted. Sometime in the last day or two, a new pdf transcript has been uploaded to the Grewal site. The link "Meeting between Gurmant Grewal and Ujjal Dosanjh, joined by Tim Murphy (1:00 PM Ujjal Dossanjh’s Office, Confederation Building)" no longer downloads ("2Conversation-TimMurphy-UjjalDosanjh-GurmantGrewal.pdf"), which was 10.5 pages long. It is now replaced by "Conversation between TM-UD-GG_2.pdf", which is 16 pages and in a smaller font. (It wasn't there when I downloaded the new tape two days ago.)

Anyway. The readings of the smoking transcript are confirmed.

What do we find there?
  1. Grewal asked for a senate seat for his wife (p. 13, near bottom)
  2. Grewal talked about his MP pension (p. 14)
  3. Murphy explained why a senate seat wasn't possible (p. 14, near top)
  4. Grewal expects to be made a cabinet minister in a future government (p. 14 middle) and so decides against crossing the floor. "I stay where I am. So if I cross the floor and then have some sense of equivalent security." (The Conservative version gets it wrong, I think: "If I stay where I am. So if I cross the floor then have some sense of permanent security.") (Can someone check to see what they hear? This is at 48:25 in the tape)
  5. Grewal claims that he would be easily elected as a Liberal in his riding, but admits that his wife might not. (p. 14 bottom)
All of this after complaining that he has been given no clear promise--"Happy I will be when I know, not exactly, but some sort of nature of what kinds of things happen after that. (42:46) What's the time frame? what will happen?"--and apologizing to Dosanjh for rejecting his advice by asking specifically for a senate seat for Nina.

But regular readers of Bucketss of Grewal knew this already. So the score? Goodness, is anyone counting?


Blogger No Yards said...

Humm, if the Cons handed over the original tapes to the RCMP, and the original copies they made were screwed up in the transfer to the computer as they claim, then where are they getting the material to create these new "proper" versions?

I think the only reasonable assumption is that they made, and have, a complete and unaltered copy of the originals on their hard drive, and that the first set of releases, and the "alterations" included in them, were not accidential, but purposely created.

The only other thing that is even remotely possible is that they had made at least two copies of the tape during the time Grewal made his claim, and when they released the originals to the RCMP, and that the copy they worked from the first time just happened to be the "immaculately corrupted" version, and no one noticed that there was (at least) a 35 minute difference, and that Grewal himself didn't notice anything strange or missing in the conversation.

what was this? A faith based sting operations?

8:36 AM  

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