Monday, June 06, 2005

From strange to stranger: Gruel investigated for airport hijinx

Update: Maclean's has a more specific account of Grewal's airport episode:
A union official said Grewal went to an Air Canada ticket agent to ask if he could arrange for someone to carry a package to Ottawa aboard flight 166 on Saturday. He was told that was impossible because of security practices.

"The agent told him he couldn't do that. If he had a package to go on the flight, he would need to go on the flight."

The official said Grewal then booked a seat and passed through security to a waiting area, where he asked other agents if they could give him a list of politicians travelling on the flight. He said he wanted one of them to carry a parcel for him.

After he was told that this was a security violation, he was overheard asking "a number" of passengers to carry the package, an airline official said.

The MP apparently found someone willing to take his envelope to Ottawa and went back to tell the agents in the lounge, the official said. Grewal flew to Ottawa the next day.

See also the Globe and Mail version here.

Just in from the Toronto Star


Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Anybody else suspect that Gurmant is heading big time for a "Warren Betanko" moment in Canadian Political History? Any day now.... Any day.... STEPHEN HARPER GET A CLUE AND DUMP THIS MAN BEFORE HE TAKES YOUR ENTIRE PARTY DOWN WITH HIM!!!!!

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Da l'il Guy said...

Gruel is mostly thin, watery stuff...

But you can definitely stick a fork in Grewal.

6:03 PM  
Blogger buckets said...

Who was Warren Betanko? (Any relation to the rock band, btw?)

6:04 PM  
Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

Google Warren Betanko and the name "Paul Reitsma"... Hey Buckets... you might to link to us. We just did a smackdown of the Blogging Tories attempt to discredit the forensic analysis of tape tampering.

6:48 PM  
Blogger No Yards said...

CBC just annonced that Grewal was now taking a leave of absence, and that according to Grewal "Air Canada has it all wrong"!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

edward t bear, you fucking rock. I almost pray that some of the Blogging Tories try this again, juat so I can watch you in action.

You sir, are an artist at the smack-down.

10:49 PM  

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