Sunday, January 22, 2006

Make that 217...

The Toronto Sun, true to form, has as its front-page story 218 reasons NOT to vote for the Liberals. Read it if you like. I was quite surprised, however, to find this as reason #37:
Post-Belinda, Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal revealed tape recordings of PMO staffer Tim Murphy and Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh discussing possible incentives if he crossed the floor. Grits said tapes were doctored.
Sigh. The Grits said the tapes were doctored? They were doctored, as this blog has shown in excruciating detail (see here and here for the hilites). Even Harper has admitted as much (here; cf. here).

Let's review. Grewal approached the Liberals about changing parties (here) and taped the conversations; he lied repeatedly about what was in the tapes (here); he edited them heavily (see here and here), while the tapes were in possession of Harper's office (here); he went into hiding (see here) once his edits had been exposed, only to briefly resurface in order to say that Harper had approved his taping (here), which he retracted the next day.

And this is all supposed to be a reason not to vote Liberal?


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