Thursday, January 12, 2006

Update on Fleetwood-Port Kells contest

At Vancouver 24 Hours, Sean Holman reports on the contest in Fleetwood-Port Kells:
Will the sins of the husband be visited on his wife?

That's the question in Fleetwood-Port Kells, where Conservative incumbant candidate Nina Grewal - the wife of controversial fellow caucus member and scandal magnet Gurmant Grewal - is running for re-election.

Nina, a former RRSP sales manager, has attempted to distance herself from Gurmant, noting in a policy book that they are "two separate MPs representing different ridings ... Any advice that Gurmant is giving me during this election is similar to any supportive spouse. The only difference is that my spouse brings with him nine years of hill experience." And, with a rising tide of Conservativism across the country, Grewal may have just enough electoral buoyancy to get washed back into Parliament.

But Liberal contender Brenda Locke - the former provincial cabinet minister - is doing her best to drown those chances, accusing Grewal of not doing a good enough job representing the riding. And local groups - such as Fraser Heights Community Association and the Fleetwood Community Association - have been delivering the same message when reporters come-a-calling. Meanwhile, the NDP are running their local constituency president Barry Bell against Locke and Grewal. He's an executive member of the International Painters' Union who ran as the party's candidate in Surrey-Tynehead during the last provincial election.


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