Sunday, December 18, 2005

Nina in the tapes (8): Nina might not win as a Liberal

As we've seen, Nina came up quite a bit in Grewal's discussions with the Liberals about changing parties. Grewal asked for a senate seat for her, as we saw, but was refused. One of the reasons that Grewal was so keen to get her such an appointment had to do with the electoral realities of her riding.

Grewal begins by praising the way that Harper had stood up for him during the Immigrant-bonding scheme and asserting that he had a bright future if he stuck with the Conservatives. Grewal wouldn't cross without an equivalent offer. At this point, the subject changes to Nina.
Dosanjh points out that Nina's chances of election were not good as a Liberal. Grewal agrees. It would be easier for him as a Liberal, tougher for her.

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