Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This is bizarre

See this story about Conservative Candidate in Malton, John Sprovieri in 24 Hours Vancouver. It seems he borrowed Nina Grewal's issue page, including a statement
"Gurmant (Grewal) and I are two separate MPs representing different ridings. Gurmant not running in this election affects me personally, but not professionally."
Someone in Sprovieri's campaign room has quickly taken down the page (here). But you can see the old one in google cache here.

Update Even better are Mr. Sprovieri's thoughts on abortion:
"If you want to know my opinion, I am a woman, end of discussion."
Here's a screen capture:

Update 2. Sprovieri is now getting in a slanging match with his Liberal rival over one another's competence in English: here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am indifferent to Nina Grewal, but for once, you can't actually say anything bad about her. He "borrowed" her issues because they actually seem pretty good. As for the Malton Candidate, I am assuming he could have done some "editing."

6:46 PM  

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